Such Tragic Souls

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An eyepatch-wearing girl unhesitatingly grabbed Kakine Teitoku’s neck in one hand.
Not even a subtle change could be seen on her face.
Even with that horrifying result before her, her entire body appeared perfectly relaxed.
For a while, he did not understand why there were groans coming from his mouth.
The eyepatch-wearing girl had grabbed Kakine Teitoku’s neck with a single hand and lifted him up. No, she was not just grabbing his neck. Her fingers were digging into it. Those fingertips sank deeply into that body made of Dark Matter. She used pure strength. Her fingertips had dug in deep enough to reach his spine, but she increased that strength a bit further and those fingertips sank even deeper. The sensation of that hard bone being crushed was followed by indescribable pain filling his entire body.
It only took a single attack.
The dome-shaped cage of slaughter covering the entirety of Sargasso shattered and floated down like snow.
“Gh…gbh!? Gagugh!!”
“I see everything is on schedule.”
“This is the scientific material needed to fill the gap magic left in the construction of the lance. Any pure specimen tough enough to withstand the development into a holistic esper can be used, so Fräulein Kreutune specifically is not needed. We do not need any combat ability from the device that produces the material.”
The eyepatch-wearing girl and the gloomy man exchanged a few short words.
All the while, a cracking sound could be heard as the girl poured tremendous strength into Kakine Teitoku’s neck.
“Listen, you piece of scrap. I only expect one thing from you. Just one.” The eyepatch-wearing girl spoke slowly to him. “Be of use to me. …If you can’t, I’ll carefully remake everything about you until you can and do. It will be like holding a girl’s head down and beating her face into something completely unrecognizable with your fist.”
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