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I’m kind of scared I’m turning into an asshole with the way I’m feeling lately. I just don’t know where my mind is going or what I’m doing, I’m such a mess.



stop sexualizing battleships

I’ll fuck a boat I don’t give a fuck


Tokyo Ghoul: Jack Chapter 5 has been translated by KawaScans.


Maybe this is reading way too much into this, but does this ghoul look like Eto?


Yoshimura is talking about ghouls that don’t care about life, and is apparently imagining a ghoul, and that ghoul has messed hair, and one eye.


That definitely is Eto.

No one’s suffering should be compared to another. 


kagepro AU where everything is the same except takane’s software form is len instead of ene


Who is that inside of me?


i dont know whats emptier, my bank account or my love life


So, a while ago I reached 1.000 followers and I thought that this is a good time for my first follow forever post. It is not a very long one since I’m not following that many blogs like 113 but those guys are all cool and the reason why I enjoy to be on tumblr. There might be some guys listed here who probably don’t follow me so if you see this and think “who the heck is that guy?” I’m following ya blog since quite a while and like it. Good job. Also, I apologise for the incredibly bad header for this post but I hastily made that in like under a minute.

The names written in bold are the blogs I like the most. My comrades.


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That must be it. Thanks for making my stay on this website a pleasant one. Have a nice day, everyone.

"Kaneki and Accelerator are so similar!"

They both have white hair. End of comparison. 


i just want him to be happy


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Major Kusanagi Motoko
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