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"Feeling lonely? You’re not. Look around you. Actually don’t. Best you don’t see them. Close your eyes and be still."

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Stepping on Jordans in the hood prank

this is the cardinal sin you know if u step on some jays you gonna get your ass whooped, and they need to stop coming in the hood with this bs, im sorry but the last one has me screamingggg i was dyinggg these guys are idiots

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Azir, the Emperor of the Sands Champion Reveal
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u know u fucked up when u still haven’t slept yet and u hear birds chirping outside

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Who is that inside of me?

It’s kind of amazing how huge League E-sports has become the past few years. I’ve had to explain to a few people that supporting teams in LCS is like supporting a team in a football match. So very similar, and just as competitive. 

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Team Solomid Champions of NA LCS Regionals 2014

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misaki-shokuhou replied to your post: okay that’s cool and all, but I bet yo…

Turtle penis

Penis turtle

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I think the fedora thing is because of the whole “fake good guys” who for some reason like them? I’m not sure tho

It is, but it doesn’t give people the right to brag on someone for wearing a type of hat, lol.

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okay that’s cool and all, but I bet you people agreeing with the OP probably bag on people wearing Fedoras and shit to. “Dress how you want! Oh but fuck guys who choose to wear a type of hat.”

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AHEM To Aru?

Toaru hasn’t been announced for next season, Season 3 hasn’t even been announced yet, let alone for next season. It’ll probably come next Winter for me.

Only animes I care about next season is Psycho-Pass 2.


please tag your sfw I’m trying to see a tittie